California drought-tolerant landscaping

Wild West Gardens - based out of Visalia, California - provides drought-tolerant landscape design services in Central California and beyond. 

At Wild West Gardens, landscaping with cactus, succulents and native plants are our specialty. Our goal is to work with Mother Nature rather than defy Her, especially in the drier climates of California. 

The basic, underlying philosophy of our gardening style is: don’t fight nature, embrace it. If you have a dry piece of property, use drought-tolerant/ fire-retarding plants. If you live in a very wet area, use moisture-loving plants.

Our work in Sunset Magazine

Landscape designs by Andrew Glazier originally appeared in Sunset Magazine in 2004. The designs were so superb that the article reappeared in the acclaimed home and garden magazine three other times over the next several years. Click here to read the article and view the "resort-like" beauty of drought-tolerant landscaping at its finest. 

Check out our publications page for more work by Andrew Glazier, the founder of Wild West Gardens.

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